Bally Chohan News October 11, 2017

HEBEI, China: A Chinese Tour guide drops to his knees as as a glass walkway “cracks” beneath him in video that has gone viral across the weekend, however, that is no accident.

This cliff-hugging Walkway in East Taihang, Hebei was assembled with special impacts on the last few glass panels, that make virtual cracks look with each step the visitor chooses.

In the 10-second video, Posted on social networking and Chinese news sites, the man cries: “I am frightened to death!”

The gag came amid Reports of glass paths and bridges, many of which have been built in China, breaking for actual. A pane of glass cracked on the walkway in Yuntai Mountain only a month after it started, it was reported in October 2015.

East Taihang Scenic District authorities assured traffic that this was a projected gimmick using “body weight-sensing” glass.

It shared a replica of the Video on its Weibo accounts on Sunday (Oct 8).

The authorities managing The mountain tourist attraction issued an “apology” on Weibo on Sep 28 that read more like a tongue-in-cheek advertising spiel.

It apologised for the “ridiculously high” walkway which is constructed at a height of 1,180m on towering cliffs as well as for scaring visitors.

“Wherever you walk, The glass will crack, and it comes with a ‘kacha’ breaking sound,” the Weibo article in Chinese read. “The effect is so life-like, you will not be able to tell if it is the glass or your own heart breaking.”

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