Bally Chohan News October 9, 2017

Her flame-red hair makes her one of the very recognisable actresses.
But it appears Isla Fisher has been confused stateside for another redhead and the Keeping Up With The Joneses star thinks it is pretty funny.

Talking on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Isla revealed she’s regularly mistaken for fellow actress Amy Adams and it makes for some fairly awkward experiences – including with some celebs. “She is heading right towards me and she says, ‘Thank you. Your operation in American Hustle, Amy…'”

Poor Isla, 41, then proceeded to explain that she couldn’t bring herself to correct megastar Gaga, so only nodded along.
“It is Lady Gaga,” she advised Jimmy Kimmel. “I really like her so much, I did not want to tell her the truth. So I just gracefully thanked her, bowed my head.”

The 2 gals are actually friends, having worked with horror flick Nocturnal Animals.

While both share a striking similarity, we can understand that the mum of three desires the world to know she is NOT Amy Adams.
But it’s kinda cool to have a celebrity doppelganger.

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