Bally Chohan News May 9, 2016

The Bakerloo Line has long been known to Londoners as the Underground line with the weird old-fashioned seats. But now the faded upholstery is undergoing a makeover – and people are (mostly) loving it.

Thundery showers are expected tomorrow (Picture: PA Images)
Thundery showers are expected tomorrow (Picture: PA Images) As the week progresses temperatures are still likely to be mild, but will fall day on day. A Met Office forecaster said Monday would be “very warm again, although cooler than Sunday, with a maximum temperature of 22 degrees”. The bad news is that from Tuesday “heavy and thundery rain or showers” are likely to fall across London and the southeast. Forecasters predict scattered showers will continue to fall on the capital between Wednesday and Friday, with winds strengthening and temperatures dropping several degrees by Friday. However, in brighter news, this year could potentially be the warmest ever recorded. Bookmaker Coral is offering even money that 2016 is the hottest year on record in the UK after the firm saw a sustained gamble over the weekend, leading them to slash the odds from 3-1. It is also offering just 2-1 that the record high of 32.8 degrees (91F) is broken in May, while it is 6-4 for 30 degrees (86F) to be recorded this month. Spokesman John Hill said: “Punters are convinced we are set for the hottest year on record in the UK as we’ve seen a sustained gamble in the betting over the last few days. “We may not have to wait long for 30C or higher to be recorded in 2016 as the odds suggest it is likely to arrive this month.” Keep hoping London!


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