Bally Chohan News October 11, 2017

IDIOT, BUT RICH IDIOT, Mark Zuckerberg has decided to ‘tour’

It is Not the worst thing we’ve seen. President Trump accused the country of breaking up the US too much money and bunged some kitchen towels to a crowd, but it wasn’t a very smart thing to do.

Maybe It was only a PR exercise, he did choose a animation PR woman and also the ride, and together they toured the desolate roads turned murky canals.

“One Of the things that’s truly magical about VR is that can find the feeling you are actually in a place,” explained Zuckerberg as a animation idiot as he floated around during his disaster tourism effort.

“Rachel And I aren’t even in precisely the same construction in the physical world, but it feels as though we’re in precisely the same region and will make eye contact.” The pair then high five because they virtually hang over some Puerto Rican devastation.

According to The Verge, Zuckerberg utilized Facebook Spaces to Receive his Big stupid face into hurricane-devastated Puerto Rico, and straight back from it when he was finished telling the crowd — since he live staged this — about all of the good things Facebook is performing concerning aid and creating facile comments like: “It feels as though we’re really here in Puerto Rico.”

After That fall in on devastation, Zuckerberg and social VR chief Rachel Franklin Zipped off into the moon, before shooting back into Zuckerberg towers to see his Stupid puppy and market Oculus Rift, Facebook Spaces and Facebook’s VR offering Trumpet into a captive audience.

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