Bally Chohan News October 11, 2017

When you’re faced with a less than Desirable hotel on holiday, it can only be explained as one thing: unsatisfactory.

It’s not unusual for people to abandon negative testimonials on resort Booking websites to let others know that idyllic stay may not be so dreamy after all.

1 mum was faced with such a situation when she booked a Two-night stay at a budget hotel in Blackpool to celebrate her next wedding anniversary.

Paying an admittedly small sum of £38, Emily Chance still was not Pleased to discover that the property needed a great deal of maintenance.

The odor is terrible Once You walk In and it succeeds in my clothing and belongings,” Emily wrote in a critique on

“The bathtub had dirt in the corners and a big chunk of this Plastic covering was missing. The towels weren’t changed either so essentially you had been expected to use [the] same towel.”

The overall decoration is really on a bad way from the carpets to the windows. Very disappointed considering the high living standards and surroundings I and my husband are used to living in. Having OCD, I suffered badly in Nelcon Hotel’s environment.”

After leaving the review and giving the hotel a measly 3.8 outside Of 10 evaluation, Emily was amazed to find a response from a worker, stating: “Could I ask just what would you expect for that which you paid? Most of what you describe I don’t recognise as an issue of interest. I think you possibly were anticipating a 4 star resort. We are a budget hotel.”

She was even more shocked to receive a Text later that day (seemingly from the exact same employee) which read: “For somebody who has never been off before, you do not come across too nervous. In reality, you come across as a nasty piece of work that probably ought to be placed on a diet because you must hate everything and everyone.”

“I left an honest review about how awful Nelcon Hotel is only to Have among the employees make it their business to enter my account and personally text me an offensive text from their personal mobile number to mine telling me I had to go on a diet,” she told SWNS.

“This Shouldn’t Be allowed, it was a little too private and They’d no right making personal digs to paying clients. It’s an outrage. They need exposing and people have to be cautioned how awful this hotel really is.”

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